Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Survive Office Politics


Survive Office Politics
(Steps to Success Series)

ISBN: 978-0-7136-8200-7
Format: Paperback, 90 pages
Publication: A & C Black, 2007
Condition: Good

Lelong Price: RM5.00

All workplaces today are affected by the intrigues of office politics, and in many businesses, who you know tends to be more important than what you know. Survive Office Politics is full of advice on how to cope with difficult situations and people and just get on with your job.

Covering everything from understanding internal politics in the first place, to coping with difficult boss, to dealing with office romances, this book features:
- A quiz to access your strengths and weaknesses
- Step- by-step guidance and action points
- Top tips: ideas to bear in mind for the future
- Common mistakes and advice on how to avoid them
- Related Web links and further sources of help: the best places to find more information

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